This Wrestling Life follows the trials and tribulations of the next generation of wannabe wrestlers as they pursue their dream of becoming global superstars. Audiences get an unprecedented all access pass into the bizarre lives of Travis, Bill, Natalie and Scotty Mac as they take us inside the SLAM ACADEMY. Their stories are unscripted and far from fake.

In the down and out suburbs of Surrey we find North Americaís next hotbed of WWE- style pro wrestling. Our emerging wrestlers get down and dirty at the SLAM ACADEMY as veteran wrestler Scotty Mac puts them to the test.

Meet Travis aka Volt Vegas, Natalie aka KC Spinelli and Bill Taylor, an up and coming referee as this group of loveable misfits negotiate their way through a world full of rituals and rules. Over the course of a year we join the ranks and ride the many ups and downs at one of the top independent wrestling schools in the world.

  • Will the sacrifice needed to graduate from SLAM be too much for this group or will they come out unscathed and stronger than before?
  • Will hard times force them to choose unfulfilling jobs over their dreams?
  • Will the lifestyle and in-the-ring personas cross over into their day to day lives and strain already fragile family ties?

In this ďfend for yourself Ē industry, where everyone is trying to make it to the top, loyalty, honor, and friendship are not common traits. However, the relationships among these newcomers, and the veterans that mentor them, reveals a much more human side of this often-misconstrued world. Itís raw. Itís real. Itís This Wrestling Life.